Mastering is the process between mixdown and public release on any format. The goal is to produce a reliable replication-master on which a collection of mixes are forged to sound as a whole. During the process, recordings are optimized to meet current standards and the album is formed.
Technically this implies:

- digitizing every possible format

- editing (running order, pauses, cuts, repairs, fades, etc.)

- adjusting level- and sound differences between tracks
- PQ coding (defining track starts and adding ISRCodes, CD-TEXT info)

A little less technical and of equal importance is sound enhancing.
We like an album to 'kick ass' on every speaker system or media player.
Whether 'finetuning' the last details or compensating for a deviation in studio monitoring, there usually is room for improvement in sound balance. The album will show to better advantage at more places afterwards.

The key to mastering is reliable monitoring, to expose the weaknesses of a mix and to help us recognize excellent sound immediately. The FineTune Mastering studio offers a combination of non-colouring, first class speakers in an acoustically controlled environment.
Add to that 25+ years of experience in all genres, ensuring a reference you can trust !

Extra Value
Many producers appreciate the approach of an objective specialist. They dare to take distance and trust someone who listens to music in a different way, in an environment designed for the purpose. Someone who hears it all for the first time. With all this extra attention, almost every mix could be taken to a higher plane.

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