Online-Mastering / e-Mastering
These are unattended jobs, handled over the internet. Ideal for single tracks and long distance projects. Fixed prices are available on request.

Hourly rates
On attended sessions, remastering- and restoration jobs we usually work on an hourly basis of € 75,- (excl. vat).
To give you an idea, a typical album mastering session takes 6 to 8 hours. Please feel free to ask for a quote in advance.


Mastering is the final stage of the artistic process, prior to digital distribution and/or CD/LP pressing. Each of which usually come with their own deadline.
Reserve ample time for 'difficult mixes' and repair jobs. Allow for an extra day to examine the result at home with fresh ears.

During the mastering process, an album evolves to its definite form. Thourough preparation will save time, energy and money. Determine who will attend the mastering and feel free to bring along some reference CD's.

For planning and preparation on our side, we will discuss the following:
- what kind of medium / format will you bring in?(audio cd, 24 bit data, dat, tape, vinyl etc.)
- what will be the total program duration?
- are there any special treatments involved like restoration, multi-channel etc.
- what do you wish for: CD production master (Premaster CD, DDP image), LP master, separate files, audio for dvd, extra copies etc.?


With all the care for its content, the master is sent off for digital distribution and/or CD/LP pressing. Should anything happen at that stage, you can rely on our back up and quick replacement.

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