Rock, Metal : Saga, Stream of Passion, After Forever, Asia, Ayreon, Symphony X, Threshold, Pain of Salvation, Deadsoul Tribe, Enchant, Epica, Pallas, Pendragon, Aina, Finch, Bodine, For Absent Friends, Hammerhead, Helloise, IQ, Jadis, Lana Lane, Magellan, The Pilgrims, Q56, Vengeance, Valentine, Asrai, Sun Caged, Ricocher, Anand, Edenbridge, Arcane, RUA, The Sweet, ...Trail of Dead, DragonForce, King's X, Transatlantic, Frost*, Val Sinestra, Gungfly

Pop, Blues :
BZN, The Cats, Brainbox, Kayak, Demis Roussos, Lee Towers, Steve Howe (Yes), Gruppo Sportivo, Takkedak, Kelly Family, George Baker Selection, Livin' Blues, The Outsiders, Tielman Brothers, Tee Set, Clan Of Xymox, Group 1850, Erikah Karst, Iain Matthews, Andy Pratt, John the Revelator, Mathijs Leeuwis, Danny Vera, Kristoffer Gildenlöw, Supersister, Solution, Alquin

Dance, Urban, Jazz : Urban Dance Squad, Alex Cortiz, ID&T's Thunderdome, Saskia Laroo, SFEQ, Dutch Jazz Masters, Yinka, dj Xavier Perec, Misia, Electro Coco, Dutch Swing College Band, Jesse Green, Rabasa, Skeletronics, L'dia on Bass, Benaïssa, Berget Lewis

Nederlandstalig, Overige : De Kast, Paul van Vliet, Stef Bos, Tröckener Kecks, Vic van de Reijt's single Top 100, Pater Moeskroen, Robert Long, Dirk Scheele, Marcel Tiemensma, Frans Halsema & Gerard Cox, Elly & Rikkert, Herman Finkers, Allez Mama, Hasjee Royaal, Herman van Veen, André van Duin, Normaal, Cornelis Vreeswijk

Recente producties :

Berget Lewis - Confident (Berget Lewis Music)
Valentine - The Alliance (Valentine Music)
Normaal - Oerend Hard - De Bokse Vol (Pseudonym Records)
Haigreen - the First / the Second / the Third - (ind.)
Ruth Bakker - Loet Broedt DVD (ind.)
Attila - Weapons of Extermination - (Moshover / Classic Metal)
Epica - The Score 2.0 - (Transmission)
Syrus - Tales of War - (No Dust Records)
Kronin - How Do You Start This Thing? - No Dust Records
Mando - Bare Bones (ind.)
Waricide - Debut Demo New York (No Dust Records)
Dirk Scheele - Welkom bij de Dirk Scheele Show (NL/EN/D)
Gungfly - On Her Journey To The Sun (InsideOut music)
Beyond Our Ruins - A Dreadfu Oath (ind.)
Val Sinestra - Unter Druck (Concrete Jungle Records)
After Forever - Invisible Circles & Exordium (Transmission)
Helloïse - Anthology (Pseudonym)
I Don't Care - Dutch Punk Collection (Pseudonym)
Ivy Green - Ivy Green ( Pseudonym)
Hymir - The Godking (ind.)
Frost* - Falling Satellites (InsideOut Music)
Kristoffer Gildenlöw - The Rain